To all “America’s Got Talent” auditioners: Fireworks and pyrotechnics not allowed (Lewis Jacobs/LEWIS JACOBS/NBC)

Because it’s sort of hilarious, here’s a list of items prospective superstars are forbidden from bringing along, courtesy of the show’s official audition Web site:

• Coolers of any kind unless for medical reasons

• Fireworks

• Props that must be used with fire or pyro

• Video cameras or camcorders of any kind

• Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives, “army knives” or Swiss Army-type knives and all swords)

• Sharp tools

• Mace, pepper spray, or similar items

• Illicit drugs or alcohol

• Cameras

If you can live without the above contraband, here’s how to pre-register for the audition.

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Hat tip to Secret DC.