The National Zoo combines two endangered species conservation programs by combining two endangered species? (National Zoo)

It’s April Fool’s Day and — as those of you who fell for Rustik Tavern’s free beer-pizza-gift card offer already know — local tweeps, bloggers, foodies and politicos were not shy about joining in the hijinks.

Here are some of our favorites:

The National Zoo tweeted breaking conservation news this morning, introducing the world to the cute, cuddly, ferocious “tanda.”

Greater Greater Washington offered some serious gems today, including “news” that nearly all Washingtonians have to drive at least 60 minutes to reach a specialty cupcake store; that Metro had replaced bag searches with random shoe searches; and that D.C. Council member Tommy Wells requested a “fully loaded” bicycle a la Kwame Browne.

The Feast rounded up tweets and Facebook posts by local chefs including Jose Andres (his wife will appear randomly alongside Conan O’Brien’s in a new show, “Desperate Chefs’ Wives”) and the gang at the “vehemently anti-mayonnaise” Taylor Gourmet (guess what they’re serving for a limited time only...).

Capital Trail Mix offered up the most disturbing post, at least for the hordes that relish in seeing the capitol’s cherry blossoms each spring — “... this is expected to be the last National Cherry Blossom Festival of all time.”

The best April Fool’s jokes are often the ones that sound freakishly true, so here’s hoping Va. Rep. Gerald Connolly’s announcement is just a prank:

“St. Patrick’s Day is the Holiest Day of the Year for me and thousands of fellow Irish-Americans,” Connolly said in a statement released by his office. “The idea that we’re all supposed to go to work and act as if it’s any other day is patently unfair.”

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