Here’s the strength of local blogs: Somebody is watching. In this case, New Columbia Heights is watching an abandoned house at 1483 Newton St. NW. It’s an eyesore, for sure, and the blogger did what local (dare I say it) reporters do — dug into government tax records. Nice job!

It’s spring, and between the vacant buildings, there is beauty, as the Georgetown Dish points out. Tulips are already blooming, a full month before the Georgetown Garden Tour. If your private space isn’t shipshape, this might just be the impetus you seek.

Sorry to duplicate a neighborhood, but Vox Populi has Georgetown U’s vice president of student affairs talking about changes to the campus plan, which people beyond that area care about.

Washington is full of experts, but you probably haven’t met the world champion of women’s jui jitsu, Nyjah Easton. The Hill is Home blog does a question-and-answer with her.

Okay, you’re gonna love this. A local guy is trying to write songs for every Metro stop. Listen up. (And a big thanks to Unsuck DC Metro, which reported this).