Good morning. I hope you can stay cool today. If not, we have word games #DCHeatIs, and discussions (You know it’s summer on Metro when....) Just make sure you unplug everything but your A/C or you’ll be in the spot that the federal energy regulators were — out of juice.

You can still call time/weather forecasts at 202/936-1212 despite the June 1 deadline. Columnist John Kelly says there’s still hope that the line will keep operating.

CNicole Sedaka, a recent UMD graduate reads poolside at the Outdoor Aquatic Center at the Univ. of Maryland in College Park yesterday. (Bonnie Jo Mount/WASHINGTON POST)

Ray LaHood, the secretary of transportation, is getting involved in the local battle over the extension of Metrorail to Dulles International Airport, and its related costs. Here’s a tip from childhood, fellas: When the parent has to intercede, everyone is sent to their rooms.

Manassas has actually expanded its homeless shelter, Tom Jackman reports. You’ll also want to check out the battle between Arlington and Alexandria over who will host the headquarters of the National Science Foundation.

We mentioned this yesterday in the PM Buzz, but it’s now the most-read story on our site: an airplane passenger reclines, the guy behind him takes offense, a scuffle ensues, thousands of gallons of fuel are dumped into the ocean, Air Force jets scramble, hundreds of other passengers are delayed in their journey. All for want of a simple “Please, would you mind...” conversation.

What? You didn’t know we had a PM Buzz too? How about all our other blogs? You know PostLocal, don’t you? Whew, you had me worried there for a minute.