(Restaurant Three’s bacon tray. Photo courtesy of Sean Mooney)

Entire camps are devoted to the salty-sweet meat treat. Web sites exist that provide recipes for deep-fried bacon with gravy, hawk bacon iPhone cases and advertise bacon-making alarm clocks. And now, for the third year in a row, the people behind Clarendon’s Restaurant Three are bringing local pork aficionados a Week O’ Bacon.

Jonathan Williams said the idea for Week O’ Bacon happened when they started making bacon in-house.

“It was really good,” Williams said, “and kind of as a joke someone said ‘let’s do a week of bacon.’”

From today until Oct.22, visitors can dine on bacon cheese dip, bacon-studded waffles and bacon-infused cocktails. What I’m particularly interested in is how one constructs a bacon martini. The secret, Williams say, is to place cooked bacon in vodka, let it sit for 72 hours in a dark place and then strain it out.

“What you’re left with is smoked jet fuel,” Williams says. “I think it goes better in the Bloody Mary.”