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View Photo Gallery: Although the wealthy Washington suburb has prided itself on its social services, chronic homelessness has ballooned in recent years as Montgomery Country struggles with its budget.

Montgomery County grapples with chronic homelessness. The county is refocusing efforts on homeless people with complicated needs that include not only economic hardships but also problems such as mental illness and addiction.

A witness’s testimony highlights the complexities of a D.C. shooting case, in which five defendants are on trial for a series of March 2010 shootings. The trial, now in its third week, could last months.

Appalachia gets a WikiLeaks-type site. The Web site encourages whistleblowers to expose corporate and government wrongdoing.

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View Photo Gallery: From its humble beginnings in 1912, the Girl Scouts of America has permeated pop culture and influenced generations of women—with plenty of cookies sold along the way.