You can blame it on the heat if you like, but some people are “stealing” iced tea in Dupont Circle.

Set up as a social experiment, Bethesda-based Honest Tea has installed pop-up stands in 12 cities across the country, including the one in the District. The stands are unattended, but passersby are asked to drop $1 into the lock box for each bottle of tea they take.

Let the delinquency begin.

Best of all, you can watch the corruption from the comfort of your computer chair. Honest Tea has provided this live video stream, where you can judge for yourself just how honest Washingtonians are.

The company conducted the same experiment last year, and the District came in second place among participating cities, with a 93 percent honesty rate. How will we fare this year? Are we just one more excessive heat warning from breaking the law? See for yourself. You can watch the “Honesty Tracker” here.

The pop-up stand will be “open for business” in front of the PNC Bank on Dupont Circle until 6 p.m.