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An ad campaign from car rental company Zipcar has opened up familiar warfare between the two- and four-wheeled.

With the tag­line “Sometimes you just need a car,” the tongue-in-cheek ads, first debated in early September by BikePortland.org, poke fun at the business-casual bicyclists who look very similar to those we’re so used to seeing each morning in Washington. For some bicyclists, it seems that, once again, a car company is trying to make driving seem cooler than hopping on a bike.

Where do you stand?

Since the popularity of bikes is well documented and the benefits of a two-wheeled commute are proven in the D.C. area, there’s a noticeable push in the bicyclist community for authorities to better understand bike laws. But that’s only one side of the issue.

“The people who do it for sport generally handle their bikes pretty well,” Detective Scott Neville, who investigates fatal accidents in Fairfax County, told The Washington Post in May 2010. “It’s the people who are biking to and from work, without so much awareness or understanding of the law, who get into trouble.”

A few months after that story, bike rental company Capital Bikeshare launched; now, it boasts a fleet of over 1,100, with plans to further its expansion into the suburbs. More bicyclists are taking to the city streets than ever, and sometimes accidents happen. How could both groups work together to make traveling better?

Can’t we all just get along? If you’re pro-car, what questions would you put to bicyclists? If you’re pro-bike, what would you want to know from drivers? Post your questions in the comments below and use the “recommend” function. Comments with the most recommends will be featured in a future blog post.

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