We asked pro-car commuters to share their comments with people of the pro-bike movement and vice versa. But there were also a few commenters who fell solidly in the middle — as reader news81 pointed out: “How about people who are simply pro safe and effective traffic? Pro cars and bikers both following the traffic laws?”

We also promised that your comments with the most recommends would be featured in a future blog post. Here they are:

Car pools form early at Potomac Mills commuter parking lot. (Dayna Smith/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Top-rated: “Cyclists scare the bejeezus out of me.”

FishBulb: I’m a pedestrian. Cyclists scare the bejeezus out of me.

pete20: So do many cars, especially those making right turns.

susiebrown: I agree that it is not all cyclists who endanger pedestrians, but many do. Few cyclists obey the requirements that they signal when passing pedestrians. The laws about when cyclists are allowed to ride on sidewalks are way too complicated.

Aerowaz: Ok. Both should obey the laws. But what is the size and speed difference between a car and a bike? Seriously.

news81: In the city, the bikes go faster.

Top-rated: “Education and responsibility are lacking on both sides”

ennepe68: I travel by both forms and do agree that education and responsibility are lacking on both sides. I am generally trying to avoid specifics but here are a couple:

- drivers whose attention is diverted by something in the car (an electronic device)

- cyclists who run red lights and ride fast on the sidewalks

It’s almost always a select small few from both groups that give the whole class a bad name. A cyclist scatters sidewalk pedestrians; ergo, all cyclists think they own the sidewalk. and so on.

I’d like to see cycling facilities worked into all new road projects, even the interstates (overpasses, ramp crossings, etc). I also think it’s time for cyclists to get real about safety, licensing, or some kind of certification. That is an unpopular position in the cycling community, but before we can be taken seriously, we need to step up.

Once certified or licensed, I expect that the police won’t take us so lightly.

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