Capital Bikeshare has 1,100 bicycles at more than 110 stations across Washington and Arlington. (Sarah L. Voisin/THE WASHINGTON POST)

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Arlington residents have the opportunity to help bring Capital Bikeshare to the Columbia Pike corridor. (Pike Spotter)

There’s debate on whether the presence of social service agencies in Ward 8 would prevent economic development there. (DCentric)

The D.C. cherry blossoms are expected to peak March 24 to 31 this year, the centennial celebration of when the trees were first planted on the Tidal Basin. (The Washington Post)

H Street Bakes, the monthly pop-up bake sales featuring bakers from the neighborhood and surrounding areas, returns Sunday. (Frozen Tropics)

Does Major League Baseball expanding to five playoff teams per league help the Nationals? (Nats Insider)