Good afternoon. A chilly start to to a week that might also include more snow. But we’ve got plenty to distract you today in the D.C.-area blogosphere. JDLand reminds us that this week is Opening Day at National’s Park. Every Food Fits offers us a peek at an Easter candy/cookie experience gone, ahem, bad.

It’s Opening Day at National’s Park on Thursday. Sure there’s been lots of focus on the team, but lots of things have been happening in the off-season in the area around the ballpark as well. JDLand offers this excellent summary of the new and coming attractions.

Will it work for deer? A giant coyote is proving to be a useful deterrent in Prince William County where a  cardboard cutout of the creature has been set up on the lawn of the county government offices. has the details.

Every Food Fits tried this little Easter candy/cookie experiment at home. What happens when you try to bake Cadbury crème eggs into cookies?

A future without your SmarTrip card? Dave Alpert at Greater Greater Washington offers this post on WMATA’s next generation payment system. Your feedback is welcome. 

It wouldn’t be a March blog roundup without a cherry blossom photo. Fortunately, Maryland Daily Photo is here to oblige.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day. Know of a great blog we should be reading? Send me an e-mail — or post a link below. I’ll be back tomorrow with more intriguing posts from the D.C.-area blogosphere.