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Catholics United, an organization that touts itself as a group designed to promote justice and common good, first unveiled a symbolic golden calf at an Occupy Wall Street march in October. Thursday, members of the group will join with protesters at McPherson Square in hopes of delivering the calf to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

The golden calf is a symbol of idolatry — in this particular case, it’s greed and love of money — in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, Rev. Jennifer Butler, executive director of Faith in Public Life, wrote in the Huffington Post in October.

“In church and in the streets, the cheers and prayers were overwhelming,” Butler wrote after attending the October march, which snaked through lower Manhattan. “Apparently you don’t need to know your Exodus to understand a symbol of idolatry.”

Not to totally get away from the idea of faith, others in the group say they’ll be dressing up in Santa suits to spread holiday cheer — and to swarm The United States Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas party for the Republican National Committee Thursday evening.

Obviously, there will be caroling. A sample from the group’s version of “Twas the night before Christmas”:

The 99% struggled against the elites.
The 1% slept quite well, having bought legislation
That subverted democracy & sold out the nation.
But then they awoke! They heard chanting and drums.
It was the rest of the world calling out ‘gainst the 1′s.
We were, it seemed, quite well put out!
These crooks had forgotten what the season’s about.

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