Good morning and hello summer — the heat and humidity are on.

Chinatown, Chinablock or Chinacorner? Washington’s anemic ethnic enclave continues to shrink, with revival plans falling victim to the recession. The few hundred Chinese residents left have to travel to Northern Virginia to stock up on basic Chinese foods.

One of the delights of working in downtown Washington during the past year has been the appearance of a wide variety of food trucks. Some are coming off the street and opening their own brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Firefighter/paramedic Johnny Scruggs, a.k.a. “Cheesecake Johnny,” bakes cheesecakes during his shift at Prince George’s County Fire Station 16 in Bowie. He makes more than 40 specialty cheesecakes. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

How to choose? Three new posts over at The State of NoVa blog: A tattoo removal parlor finds a big opportunity, the athlete who slammed home the winning goal in the U.S.-Brazil World Cup soccer match is a Dumfries resident, and Fairfax County thinks about buying Falls Church’s water.

What is it with these private pilots flying too near Camp David? Three of them strayed into restricted territory this weekend, five of them in the past month. (The comments give a clue — Frederick has a busy airport where a number of rookies train, one commenter says. Thanks for the insight.)

We’ll have more later today — maybe not straying pilots, but who knows what news. Keep an eye on PostLocal.