This Halloween, opt for more coverage. (Richard Vogel/AP)

1). Take it from the experts : Cover exposed skin. Buy a cape, wear some socks, invest in a Lycra bodysuit — because you never know when you might need a Lyrcra bodysuit.

(We’re looking for good examples of homemade costumes: Submit your costume pictures here.)

2). Drink responsibly. You may feel warmer with each cocktail, but the alcohol is actually lowering your body temperature and increasing the risk of hypothermia. If you must imbibe, re-read rule number one: Cover up.

3). Plan your weekend carefully. Know what’s going on over Halloween weekend in Washington — for instance, something called “Freak-o-Ween” appears to be indoors — and make sure you have a reliable ride home. And definitely figure out which Metro stations are shut down ahead of time. (Translation: Don’t wander around in the streets in the early hours of a potentially freezing morning.)

4). Know the forecast. From Capital Weather Gang: Tomorrow night could mean light snow or light rain and snow mixed should wind down heading through the evening if not prior. Monday night “looks so-so with sun battling the clouds for dominance.” More on the Washington Halloween forecast here.

5). Dress kids for cold weather without sacrificing creepy creativity. For example, the “piggyback ride on a scary old man” costume that KidsPost suggests requires a sweater and scarf, and it still sounds plenty disturbing to me. Our On Parenting blog featured this roundup of costumes with coverage. Giant California roll sushi costume, anyone?

6). Take good care of your pets. Let them stay indoors and dress them in seasonable outerwear if you must. For example: Don't dress your pug in a low-coverage flower ensemble; Do opt for a fuller-coverage dress and veil. (FYI: These are actual submissions from our readers.)

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