West stops to talk to demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street campaign in Zucotti Park near the financial district of New York Sept. 29, 2011. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

West was one of 19 people arrested Sunday afternoon after ignoring requests and demonstrating with signs, which is prohibited, on the grounds of the court. Earlier in the day, West had attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication ceremony.

All 19 were freed Monday.

“We will not allow this day of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to go without somebody going to jail,” West said before being arrested.

West, a civil rights activist and left-leaning academic, has long focused on race and class in American society. West once supported President Obama but has become an outspoken critic of the president, particularly when it comes to what he perceives as Obama’s racial and economic allegiances.

“A beer summit won’t help our issues,” West said in August.

Here’s what West tweeted upon his release:

I emerged from jail with a stronger fortitude and greater determination to fight for #justice. #owsMon Oct 17 19:09:17 via HootSuiteCornel West