This one’s going in the 2011 time capsule. (JOSE LUIS MAGANA/REUTERS)

If you had the option to put anyone or anything in a “time capsule” to remember 2011, what would your choices look like? Personally, I think I’d throw in wreckage from the “Great East Coast Earthquake;” Occupy D.C.’s wooden shed thing;and, if we’re also talking about things we’d collectively like to forget, I’d throw in the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

Take pictures, send tweets using #2011TimeCapsule, or leave your ideas in the comments below. Here's a list of most-read local stories to help get your creative juices flowing.

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More Occupy D.C. shenanigans includes another wooden structure erected overnight by protesters and deconstructed by U.S. Park Police in that same time span. There were no arrests this time. The group plans to host a pop-up art gallery beginning Friday.

Not a bird. Not a plane. A superbee. Follow Adrian Higgins as he visits a pair of Frederick beekeepers who are helping find the cause of bee colony collapse disorder at the hands of an Asian mite called the varroa; they’re also working to engineer a bee that will withstand other environmental hazards.