From D.C.’s Field to Fork Network blog – as you plan your spring garden this season, consider setting aside a row for the “Grow A Row” program — a network of individual and community gardeners and Capital Area Food Bank partner organizations that use the produce to feed hungry families across the D.C. area.

Park View, D.C . puts this call out on behalf of the Ward 1 senior center, which opened its doors Feb. 28. To help jump-start some of its programs, the center is looking for donations of craft, recreation and furniture items as well as other things. Check out the list here .

We love the “flamingos” in Prince of Petworth’s lawn ornament of the day. Not pink plastic, but still great fun.

Better than flipping a coin? A Georgetown homeowner has decided to crowd-source the exterior color he/she will paint his/her home. So far the darker blue-gray appears to be the favorite. Thanks to the Georgetown Metropolitan for finding this one.

I’ve heard of stolen bikes, but stolen bike racks? The WashCycle has details .

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