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Instead of heading home, Dawn made the most out of her time at Grillfish: She told a Date Lab editor that she stayed and had a great time swapping date stories with a nearby patron:

I wasn’t annoyed, frustrated, angry, sad or anything negative. I was engaged in great conversation with the lady sitting next to me. I truly enjoyed myself.

Unfortunately, the situation isn’t always so pretty. Here are a few “I got stood up” stories readers have told Date Lab :

The old ‘fell down the stairs’ excuse

I was stood up just this week. She fell down a flight of stairs. Then, she stood me up again this week. As they say in the restaurant business, "no call, no show" will get you fired every time.” - DanielDragonFilms

Pro tip: New shoes trump a nonexistent date every time

I was supposed to meet up with a guy who seemed almost too eager to meet me (we met online). After picking out a date, time, and location, I nervously showed up right on time at Starbucks ... 10, 15, 20 minutes went by - didn't show up, didn't text, nothing. Finally, after 30 minutes, I went across the street to Old Navy and bought myself a cute pair of shoes. I think my time was way better spent doing that instead. - gumball83

A common hazard of online dating

When I got home I noticed that he had updated his profile and viewed my profile within the hour after we were supposed to meet. - sg7472a

Got a story you’d like to share? Leave the story in the comments below or by using #stoodupstories on Twitter.

(And, just in case any of you distinguished gentleman out there are reading this, Dawn is looking for someone tall, dark, handsome and well-groomed, not to mention someone man enough to show up.)

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