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Michael Longo, 16, of Green Brook, NJ, picks up a brochure in the engineering department of Catholic University. (Sarah L. Voisin/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Burial problems found at military cemeteries beyond Arlington.The Department of Veterans Affairs has found scores of misplaced headstones and at least eight cases of people buried in the wrong places.

Student suicide leads to discipline legislation in Va. After a Fairfax student took his own life last year after facing school disciplinary proceedings, some are advocating that parents be notified sooner when their children are accused of wrongdoing at school.

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— Live coverage of the congressional hearing on the Occupy D.C. encampment at McPherson Square. Lawmakers are asking why protestors have been allowed to stay despite a ban on camping on Park Service property.

— Local bloggers consider the question: Where should the new FBI headquarters be located: D.C., Maryland, or Virginia?

— Petula Dvorak responds to comments on her column about labels on black and white women in America at 12 p.m. Join the discussion in the comments field, and check out Part 2 of a special report on black women in America.

View Photo Gallery: Two groups of demonstrators have entrenched themselves in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square downtown. Patience with the protests seems to be wearing thin for some local officials.