What would you rather do than wait in traffic? (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

If you could get those three days and change back, what would you do with your time? Here are a few ideas:

Run 16 marathons, at an average speed of about 5.7 mph.

Make 148 batches of Seared Tuna with Sweet-Sour Onions.

Once the final Harry Potter film is released on DVD, watch all eight films back-to-back three times and make it through the first six films a fourth time.

Granted, sitting in rush hour traffic may sound like more fun than racing 419 miles or eating 185 pounds of tuna.

So tell us: What would you rather do with those 74 hours? Here’s what some of you had to say:

@postlocal catch up on calls, sing along to the radio at the top of my lungsTue Sep 27 14:54:17 via Twitter for iPadNoha Alahmadi

@postlocal i would spend that time with my favorite person my wifeTue Sep 27 15:00:38 via webZachary Green

They do it to themselves. They are traffic, not in traffic. RT @postlocal: DC drivers spend 74 hours a year in traffic: http://t.co/iQyEcoWjTue Sep 27 14:46:14 via Silver BirdErik

Play Xbox. RT @postlocal D.C. drivers spend 74 hours a year stuck in traffic: What would you do in that time? http://t.co/KUtlsTt6Tue Sep 27 14:46:28 via webBrian Woodburn