Marcia Vottero, a bike messenger, sports a tattoo above her ankle that's a version of the Distric flag. (BILL O'LEARY/TWP)

Some District of Columbia residents are so passionate about the city, they sport tattoos of its flag.

On Tuesday, they’ll gather at Dupont Circle at 6 p.m. to show off their ink and make the case for district voting rights in Congress.

Tuesday is Flag Day, and the Washington event is called D.C. Flag Tattoo Day. It’s billed as the largest-ever gathering of people with D.C. flag tattoos. Organizers claim thousands of people sport the two bars and three stars of Washington’s flag on their bodies. District of Columbia Shadow Representative Mike Panetta and former D.C. Council candidate Bryan Weaver recently got flag tattoos.

Flag tattoos reportedly got their start in the district’s punk music scene, but they’ve become more of a political statement in recent years.

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