Living in a big city means high school-style superlatives never really fade away. This is especially true Washington, where we’ve been crowned Most Educated, Most in Shape and, most recently, Most Obsessed With Social Networking.

The latest and perhaps most curious honor comes from an unscientific survey in Men’s Health Magazine, which named the District America’s Most Socially Networked City.

How did D.C. earn that ‘A+’ rating? Just tally up our ridiculously high number of registered Facebook and LinkedIn users, then throw in an obscenely high number of tweets. And don’t forget frequency of Digg posts, minutes spent in chat rooms, MySpace profiles, Reddit votes and Friendster -- <em>Friendster?</em> -- requests.

Our tendency (or compulsion) to stay connected is rivaled only by two other American cities, Atlanta and Denver. Clinching the failing grade is El Paso, Texas, a city that all of the sudden seems sublimely peaceful.

<h3>What should D.C.’s next title be?<h3>

According to census data, we’re already among the smartest people in the nation, and the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) American Fitness Index indicated that we are also some of the fittest. And, last week, Forbes laced us at No. 5 on their annual America’s Most Wired Cities list.

Me, I’d settle for Best Hassle-Free Public Transportation, Cheapest Rent or Best Chicago Hot Dog Outside of Chicago. A girl can dream. What would you pick?