We’ve been called called rude, ugly and over-caffeinated — but no D.C. superlative has proved quite as shocking as today’s addition to the ever-growing list.

Washington, long derided as the land of dowdy pantsuits and Ann Taylor uniforms, was ranked among the most fashionable cities in America.

That’s right. Most. Fashionable. No. 9 of 50, to be exact.

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This ranking comes courtesy of Bundle, which tried to determine the fashion-consciousness of cities across the country based on how much their residents spent on clothing.

The assumption here is that the most fashion-forward people also spend the most on their clothes. Not that we’re trying to find a hole in this research or anything. . . .

D.C. got beat by cities including New York (2), Los Angeles (3) and Chicago (6).

The No. 1 spot went to Irvine, Calif., where people spend nearly four times as much on clothing as the average American.

Buffalo, N.Y., nabbed the spot at the bottom of the list, but not without good reason, according to Bundle’s report: “With so many snow-days, it’s hard to show off your threads.”

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