Tax preparers like H&R Block are preparing to deal with last-minute filers. (Mark Lennihan/AP)

According to a new list released by TurboTax, the popular tax preparation software company, Washington won the title of third-biggest tax procrastinator in 2011.

The District was beaten out only by San Francisco and New York.

“Being the home of the IRS, you would think that The District’s residents would be the first to file their taxes,” quipped a TurboTax blogger.

That’s hardly the case, as D.C. jumped nine spots after coming in 12th in last year’s list.

Top 5 tax procrastinators:

1. San Francisco

2. New York

3. Washington, D.C.

4. Los Angeles

5. Seattle

(See the full list here.)

TurboTax releases an annual list based on on the number of tax returns filed at the last minute the previous year. The latest list is based on the number of returns filed online between April 1 and April 18, 2011.

According to TurboTax, the reasons for procrastination run the gamut, including laziness, the availability of extensions, no expected refund, a perceived lack of urgency, and “thrill-seeking.”

With tax day fast-approaching — 19 days ... — Deal Hunter columnist Katherine Boyle offers a few tips to help procrastinators take charge of their returns before April 17.

“This year, we have two extra days before the taxman cometh,” Boyle writes. “But an April 17 deadline isn’t a license to procrastinate.”

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