View Photo Gallery: A new day in Washington, another superlative for its residents. Ugliest residents? Check. Happiest single ladies? Check. Highly caffeinated? You know it. Read on for more examples of what the rest of the country thinks we are.

D.C. is among the nation’s least stressed out cities, according to a new study.

In Sperling’s Best Places list of “Stressful Cities,” Washington placed 44th out of 50 large cities.

Stress levels in metro areas across the country were evaluated based on factors including divorce, crime and unemployment rates as well as commute length.

Washington, which includes Arlington and Alexandria in the scope of the study, trailed behind Las Vegas, Detroit and even mellow-seeming Seattle, earning good marks for its low divorce rate (8.6 percent) and low unemployment rate (6.2 percent).

Even the nationally recognized horror that is the D-M-V commute wasn’t enough to offset those numbers.

Here are the top 5 most stressed out cities:

1. Tampa

2. Las Vegas

3. Miami

4. Jacksonville, Fla.

5. Detroit

And the 5 least stressed out cities:

46. Pittsburgh

47. Virginia Beach

48. Cambridge, Mass.

49. Nassau-Suffolk, NY

50. Minneapolis-St.Paul

For the full list, visit Sperling’s Best Places.

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