Could Washington’s favorite dessert be hurting the District’s manliness score? A new study says yes. (MARVIN JOSEPH/TWP)

According to the third annual study by none other than Combos — the company behind oh-so-manly snacks like the cheddar cheese cracker and cheddar cheese pretzel — D.C. is the nation’s 42nd manliest city out of 50, down 33 spots after coming in 9th last year.

The reason for the drop? The Combos study shows that the D.C. area had relatively high rankings in terms of sports (14th), “manly occupations” (13th), and “salty snack sales” (19th).

But the District lagged in the all-important but ambiguously named areas of “manly lifestyle” and “concentration of manly retail stores” (45th for both).

The study considered a number of key criteria, including the number of professional sports teams, chicken wing restaurants and Western/cowboy apparel stores.

C’mon — what’s manlier than a cupcake-eating contest? Ray Fan, right, competes against Scott Drummond at Frosting in Chevy Chase. (Mark Gail/WASHINGTON POST)

Washington was considered less manly than neighboring cities Richmond, which was ranked 22nd out of 50, and Baltimore (28th).

The country’s manliest city is Nashville. Los Angeles was named the least manly city.

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