Mechanic Dennis Parker and his dog, Bo. (Photo by ASTRID RIECKEN For The Washington Post) (Astrid Riecken/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Writers and artists have been documenting life under the night sky for centuries, and the latest dispatches come from the Post. For the rest of the summer, reporter Dan Zak and videographer Evelio Contreras will venture out into Washington after dark to find the people whose D.C. lives are just waking up as the rest of us drift to sleep.

For their first story, the duo found mechanic Dennis Parker, whose duty it is to man the only late-night tire shop in the region. Photos and the video below draw a vignette of a man who serves as a last resort and saving grace for stranded motorists.

“I wouldn’t know what I’d do if not for you,” a patron tells Parker, who nods and sends her on her way back into the early morning.

Washington’s a big city with plenty of stories to tell. Who should be featured next? Tell Dan or Evelio by tweeting to them or by using the hashtag #DCNightlives. You can also fill out the form below: