A recent survey dubbed the “Fun Index” ranked the nation’s top 10 fun cities, and the District came in at No. 7.

Trident, the chewing gum company, sponsored the survey, which asked people in large cities to share information about having fun in their home towns.

Questions included how many days a week responders have fun and how expensive it is to have fun in their city.

Atlanta came out on top as the No. 1 fun city, beating out even New York City.

View Photo Gallery: A new day in Washington often means another absurd, painfully accurate and always entertaining superlative for us pops up in the news. Ugliest? Check. Highly caffeinated? You know it. The latest: D.C. is really fun. Read on for more examples of what the rest of the country thinks we are.

According to Trident, “fun” can be defined by something as simple as listening to a good song or receiving a message from a friend.

Despite the simplicity of the company’s suggestions, a whopping 19 percent of respondents said they can’t remember the last time they had a good time.

In an effort to change that, Trident is launching a Facebook campaign that analyzes people’s friends and photos to determine how much fun they’re having. Take the “Fun Audit” here.

America’s top 10 fun cities:

1. Atlanta

2. New York

3. Chicago

4. San Francisco

5. Dallas

6. Los Angeles

7. Washington, D.C.

8. Boston

9. Houston

10. Philadelphia

More D.C. superlatives:

Second-fittest city

No. 1 nationwide for traffic congestion

Sixth least-attractive city

Third-rudest city

Sixth most-caffeinated city

42nd manliest city

Sixth most hipster region

Most literate city

Happiest single ladies

Singles are nation’s biggest boozers

One of nation’s least stressed-out cities