We’re starting something new on The Buzz -- “Restaurant Recap,” a weekly roundup of restaurants reviewed by Post critics. But more importantly, we want to know where you’ve been eating around the D.C. area.

Whether you frequent standby haunts — my personal favorite is El Centro D.F. — or like to try the newest restaurants on the culinary circuit, we want to know where you’ve been dining.

Each Monday, we’ll post the past week’s reviews and ask you to tell us in the comments if you’ve visited any of the featured restaurants. We also want to know which spots are on your must-visit list; the most insightful comments could then get added into the next week’s recap.

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Last week’s reviews:

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(Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

Where: 18149 Town Center Drive, Olney.

Tom Sietsema says: “The menu emphasizes comfort food served in portions that suggest today’s meal could also be tomorrow’s. In tough times, a slab of properly grilled meat and a baked potato the size of Idaho beckon even those on expense accounts. Everything is familiar. Nothing is too trendy, unless you think fiery Sriracha has no place on a puddle of grits supporting totems of pork loin. (I dig the color and the heat imparted by the stripes of Thai hot sauce.)”


Where: Around Arlington. (it’s a food truck)

Becky Krystal says: “Although the bibimbap is the No. 1 seller, the Korean Superbowl is running a close second, J.P. says. Of everything we tried, it smacked the most of the Latin half of Seoul Food D.C.: dark-meat chicken mingled with cheese, jalapenos and queso fresco over a bed of sticky rice ($8).”


• The Wine Kitchen

Where: 50 Carroll Creek Way, Frederick.

Tom Sietsema says: “The restaurant’s twist on corned beef resembles shaved roast beef, but the offbeat sandwich it fills is nicely matched with house-made tater tots that get a lift from caraway in their seasoning.”

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