Here’s something ridiculous for your Friday: Men’s Health’s “Where the Babes Are” rankings rates Washington, D.C. as the best place out of 99 other cities in the country to find the “most eligible” babes — also popularly referred to as women.

Men’s Health says that D.C. is full of “eligible” — read: employed, single and in shape — babes. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Scientific data compiled for this “study” includes Census data indicating the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of college-educated women and gainfully employed single women. And then there’s the non-Census kicker: The number of women who work out.

Ladies, I know that rolling your eyes at Men’s Health is one option, but there’s plenty about this piece to laugh about, starting with the fact that everyone knows that “babe” isn’t a word employed by real men but by fictional prepubescent nerds in ‘80s movies. (Right? RIGHT?) Also, the writers of this article recommend asking city officials to install lights in public spaces to lure women out into the city streets. (Seriously? My eligible babe of a roommate has been waiting six months for a city-issued trash can.) And lastly, MH caps it off with the only bit of realistic information: The best city to meet an eligible anyone is probably the Internet.