The U.S. Treasury building is the oldest in the nation with an LEED certification. (Karen Bleier — AFP/Getty Images)

In a top 10 list released Thursday from the U.S. Green Buildings Council, D.C. had more than 10 times as many green buildings per capita as the runner-up, Colorado.

The U.S. Green Buildings Council listed the District plus 10 of the greenest states.

“The District packs in a substantial amount of green buildings due in part to the tremendous leadership from the federal government,” a U.S. Green Building Council spokeswoman said in a statement.

D.C. is also home to the oldest LEED-certified building in the world, the U.S. Treasury’s headquarters. The building, located next to the White House, will turn 143 this year.

Virginia and Maryland were also in the top five. In April, D.C. led the Washington area in green buildings.

The U.S. Green Building Council reviews and approves LEED certifications. Their rankings are based on the square footage of LEED-certified buildings and U.S. Census data.