Washington is home to some of the most plugged-in, powerful people in the nation, and The Washington Post follows those influencers closely. But not all of the limelight should fall on the Typical Washington Insider, and that's where D.C. Tweeps comes in.

View Photo Gallery: Not all of the limelight should fall on the typical Washington insider, and that’s where D.C. Tweeps comes in.

When we created D.C. Tweeps in 2010, our aim was to learn more about the people on Twitter who informed you, entertained you and even kept you fed during an average day. We thought of it this way: If Washington’s Twitter scene is one big, packed-to-the-gills menu, we wanted to hear a little bit more about your daily diet.

We learned so much about you last year, and the same was true this time around. Thousands of you stopped by and sent in a nomination or a vote for the chance to help us — and each other — uncover some of the city’s best tweeters. For me, it was amazing to watch each community support each other, organize get-togethers and offer constructive criticism. (Thanks to @CoolMCJazz and @JanMichaelDC., we created two new categories this year, Favorite Arts Scenester and Favorite Activist.)

Some of this year’s winners are return champs from 2010, others have been unseated, and in several categories, the winners were separated from the rest of the pack by single digits (See? We're all winners here.)

Now what?

Take a look at the list below, follow the winners on Twitter, then check back here on the Buzz as we gather tweet-sized acceptance speeches throughout the day.

And tweet a congrats to the winners, why don’t you?

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D.C. Tweeps 2011: Meet the Winners

The mysterious man behind your favorite D.C.-area blog, Unsuck DC Metro. (Courtesy Unsuck D.C Metro)

Tweet-a-speech: “First, thanks to all the readers and writers! Second, I’d like to thank Metro for providing the constant inspiration to make all of this possible.”

Favorite Food Truck: Red Hook Lobster DC (@lobstertruckdc)

”Lobstah” topped your Twitter lists this year. (Sean McCormick)

Favorite Entrepreneur: Think Tank Creative (@think_tank)

Tweet-a-speech: “Congrats to all the #DCTweeps winners and nominees. It’s an honor to be awarded favorite entrepreneur for the second year in a row!”

Favorite Foodie: Bitches Who Brunch (@btcheswhobrunch)

Tweet-a-speech: ”“We are lucky Bitches! A big thanks to our readers for accompanying us through the Bitching and Brunching in 2011. Cheers (with plenty of mimosas) to 2012!”

Favorite Nonprofit: Miriam’s Kitchen (@miriamskitchen)

Tweet-a-speech: “More proof that social media can end chronic homelessness in DC #dctweepscare We’re honored to be a 2-time #dctweep. Thanks guys!”

Favorite Local Business: 9:30 Club (@930Club)

Tweet-a-speech: “Our goal is to make people happy. So, if winning this award means we did, then we are the ones who are happiest.

Favorite Wonk: Jake Tapper (@JakeTapper)

Favorite Nightlife Insider: Lisa Byrne (@dceventjunkie)

Tweet-a-speech: “Wow! Thanks SO much for your votes & special thanks to my contributing writers and interns. I’ll work even harder to live up to it, again!”

Geoff Livingston and his very social daughter, Soleil. (Courtesy of Geoff Livingston)

Tweet-a-speech: “I’ve always been a dork, so it’s great to be DC’s premier geek on Twitter! Thank you to the Washington Post Twitter community.”

Favorite Restaurateur: Jose Andres (@chefjoseandres)

Favorite Fashionista: Kelly Collis (@cityshopgirl)

Tweet-a-speech: “What a great honor to win a second year in a row and to be in a category with such a fashionable group of DC tweeps.”

Favorite Government Agency: NASA (@NASA)

Tweet-a-speech: :We’re thrilled to bring you the universe & be your favorite gov’t agency on @Twitter! NASA has the best fans in & out of this world!”

Favorite Social Butterfly: Kate Michael (@KStreetKate)

Tweet-a-speech: “Honored to (again) be chosen as DC’s Social Butterfly. Resolved to share & be even more social w/ you in 2012. woot! woot! THANKS! #dctweeps”

Phillipa Hughes of the Pink Line Project, a group dedicated to boosting the presence of D.C.’s art scene. (Courtesy of Phillipa Hughes)

Tweet-a-speech: “As promised, pies & cupcakes for all who voted for me! @coolmcjazz & @chelseydc still my fav #DCTweeps in Arts Scenester category.”

Favorite Activist: Allison Sosna (@ChefAlliSosna)

Tweet-a-speech: “In a city of thousands of activists trying to make the world a better place, I would like to accept this honor on behalf of all activists in Washington. Without us all working together we can’t make change happen.Cheers!”

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