Last year’s favorite entrepreneur, Jacki Silvan, runs a small graphic design firm in Arlington. (Courtesy of Jacki Silvan)

We’ve also added two additional categories: Favorite Activist and Favorite Arts Scenester.

While you nominate, we’re interviewing last year’s winners. (Earlier this week, Spike Mendelsohn and NASA answered our five questions.)

Next up is a Q&A with last year’s Favorite Entrepreneur, known to Twitter as @Think_Tank:

Name: Jacki Silvan

Location: Arlington, Va.

Twitter handle: @think_tank

In 200 words or less, please give us a short, witty bio about yourself or your institution: Think Tank Creative is a small, woman-owned graphic design firm based in Arlington, Virginia. Because we’re small, we work with clients we love, on projects we’re enthusiastic about, and produce outcomes that work for our client’s businesses. Our core clients are associations and small- to mid-sized businesses. Over the eight years, Think Tank Creative has been in business, we’ve won some awards, but our business has mostly grown from our fantastic clients who rave about our services … and, of course, we try to do some damn good design.

If you were a D.C. landmark, you’d be … The National Zoo. Sometimes crazy, sometimes calm, but always fun to visit!

If you suddenly woke up on the other side of the world, unable to return, what would you miss most about D.C.? The walk-ability of D.C. Whether it is to clear my head, or to kill some time before a meeting, taking a nice walk around the city always provides inspiration.

What’s the best part of Washington – the one that no one knows about? I have a view of the Monument and Capitol from my condo. Sometimes, I like to get up with the sun and watch the sky change over the monuments. Those moments in the early morning most make me appreciate the splendor of this city.

Why should you win Top Tweep again? Honestly, I probably shouldn’t. Entrepreneurs are always more focused on their business than on anything else, and over the past year, I’ve focused more on my business then on my social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, etc., are important, but clients and business always come first.

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