D.C. Tweeps: You picked Chef Spike for Favorite Restaurateur of 2010. Will he be so lucky this year? (Courtesy of Spike Mendelsohn)

For the second year in a row, we’re giving readers a chance to nominate and vote for their favorites in local social media.

We combed through more than 475 of last year’s reader nominations to build a preliminary ballot that includes D.C. Tweeps nominees in 13 categories, from your favorite food truck to your favorite D.C.-area blogger. We still need your help to add nominees.

Submit your wildcard nomination here, and read on for a Q&A with 2010’s Favorite Restaurateur winner — he’s the owner of Good Stuff Eatery, and he calls himself @chefSpike:

Good Stuff Eatery (James M. Thresher/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Location: Washington, DC

Twitter handle: @chefspike

In 200 words or less, please give us a short, witty bioabout yourself or your institution: Born in Montreal. Half Greek, half Jewish – Grewish. I’m a hockey and UFC loving chef who could probably make a career of getting kicked off reality TV shows. You can find me on Capitol Hill where I am the chef and owner of Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza. Part-time surfer, full-time bacon eating Jew.

If you were a D.C. landmark, you’d be … the Giant Adirondack Chair on Resevoir Road.

If you suddenly woke up on the other side of the world, unable to return, what would you miss most about D.C.? My family. I moved to D.C. to be closer to my parents and sister. I’d miss my neice Catherine most of all.

What’s the best part of Washington – the one that no one knows about?

Maine Ave Fish Market - noisy, smelly, steamy and full of fresh seafood.

Why should you win Top Tweep again? I try to keep the Twitter world entertained and informed. Also, I follow all of my followers back.

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