(Courtesy of Kate Michael)

So far, more than 19,000 votes have been tallied to pick your tried-and-trusted social media picks, ranging from Favorite Nonprofit (in 2010, it was Miriam’s Kitchen) to Favorite Local Business (last year, 930 Club took top honors). While you vote, we’re interviewing last year’s winners. (Spike Mendelsohn and NASA have also answered our five questions.)

Next up is a Q&A with last year’s Favorite Social Butterfly, known to Twitter as @KStreetKate. Kate Michael calls herself “the Concierge of Capitol Cool.”

Name: Kate Michael

Location: Washington, D.C.

Twitter handle: @KStreetKate

In 200 words or less, please give us a short, witty bio about yourself or your institution: Kate Michael is a “Concierge of Capitol Cool” — the President and Founder of K Street Kate, an online media company devoted to lifestyle news about the District of Columbia. Hip, happening and hyperlocal, the company was formed while Kate served as Miss District of Columbia 2006 and competed in Miss America in 2007. In her cocktail dress and with her FlipCam, Kate provides constant content to help you live la vida local.

(Photo by Stu Lillard/PHOTO BY STU LILLARD)

If you suddenly woke up on the other side of the world, unable to return, what would you miss most about D.C.? Our street grid. Seriously. I get lost almost every time I get in a car, and the ease of using the grid keeps me sane. And the people, too, of course! I don’t think there is anywhere on Earth where the people are both as interested and as interesting.

What’s the best part of Washington – the one that no one knows about? Well ... if they don’t know about it, then they haven’t been following K Street Kate! I make it my mission to tell people about ALL the best of DC, all the time.

Why should you win Top Tweep again? Because you all know you just can’t get enough!