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So far, more than 23,000 total votes have been cast in the project that will build a master list of people who were essential to your daily Twitter diet, ranging from Favorite Nonprofit to Favorite Social Butterfly.

Next up is a Q&A with last year’s Favorite Food Truck, known to Twitter as @CurbsideCupcake. Answers were provided by founders Sam and Kristi Whitfield:

Name: Curbside Cupcakes

Location: Washington, D.C., Arlington, Montgomery County

Twitter handle: @CurbsideCupcake

In 200 words or less, please give us a short, witty bio about yourself or your institution: Curbside Cupcakes is D.C.’s first mobile cupcake truck. Curbside Cupcakes was started in 2009 by Sam & Kristi Whitfield. Folks thought they were crazy to leave stable jobs to start a new business in a new industry but they followed their dreams and their hearts. Sam and Kristi were married in 2010 and they currently have 3 trucks Pinky 1, 2 & 3 that rove the region spreading Cupcake Bliss everywhere they go!

If you were a D.C. landmark, you’d be … stationary! We’re mobile and we rove everywhere!

If you suddenly woke up on the other side of the world, unable to return, what would you miss most about D.C.? Traffic circles!

What’s the best part of Washington – the one that no one knows about? Ok, here are two. First, it’s still very fertile ground for food trucks. D.C. loves innovative food options and that’s so great for innovative ideas! Number 2: It’s cliche, but it’s the people. For a political city full of “power brokers” DC is really friendly!

Why should you win Top Tweep again?

A haiku plea in under 144 characters:

Tweep-ers please pick us

You tweet us, we tweet you back

Winning would be fun!

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