The ground-breaking of City Center DC (at the old convention center site) happens this afternoon, so you might just want to avoid the area, DC Metrocentric wisely advises.

Could it be that the recession is actually receding? 14th&You is spotting an uptick in development activity in its neighborhood.

Go for a cuppa joe instead, and when you’re in one of the area’s coffeehouses, take a look around; you might just meet novelist Joe Flood pecking away at the keyboard, Borderstan suggests.

All you yoga practitioners in Anacostia — here’s your Top Model chance. Anacostia Yogi is seeking photos of you in one of those poses: Half Lord of the Fishes, Side Crow, Scorpion, Firefly. ... Back-breaking, we think, unless you’re Gumby-flexible.

There’s a great series in Left for LeDroit using some of the Scurlock photos from the Smithsonian’s archive that looks at still-existing buildings such as Shaw’s Tavern, a.ka. Ethical Pharmacy.

Life in the big city is full of characters. In Penn Quarter alone, there’s Exercise Man, Take 5 guy and Barbell Dude, Penn Quarter Living reports.