But don’t freak out just yet.

Quick to raise an eyebrow, The Post’s Dan Zak makes the point that it’s paying attention to stress that stresses us. He smartly sums up our worldview like this: “Stress is one of those things that Americans will always read and talk about — the others being commute times and Angelina Jolie — but not necessarily mitigate.”

And who says stress is always bad thing? Even though we report feeling pressure from money, love and work constraints, 87 percent of area residents think that stress “can be beneficial in terms of providing drive and energy.”

Why not think of it this way: On the stress Richter scale of life, if 1 is Jeff Bridges in “The Big Lebowski” and 10 is Michael Douglas in “Falling Down,” Washingtonians rate themselves at a 5.3 — a pre-hypnosis/pre-promotion Ron Livingston in “Office Space,” perhaps?