A unique jet known as the Dreamliner is expected to draw attention in Washington Monday as it lands for the first time at Reagan National Airport.

The Dreamliner is Boeing’s new wide-body 787, a souped-up jumbo jet that’s been lauded for its fuel efficiency, long-distance flying range, and large windows.

It has been making the rounds on its worldwide “Dream Tour.”

(Video: The Dreamliner’s inaugural flight.)

The Dreamliner took part in Russia’s 2011 International Aviation and Space Show outside Moscow last year. The next stop on the jumbo jet’s worldwide “Dream Tour” is Reagan National Airport. (Mikhail Metzel/AP)

Air India and Japan Airlines are among the international carriers that plan on deploying the new jets, which can carry up to 290 passengers.

While no U.S. carriers have the 787’s in their rotation right now, the possibility isn’t far off. United and ANA, two airlines that service Dulles International Airport, have placed orders for Dreamliners.

Making the Dreamliner’s visit to National extra special is the fact that no wide-body jets currently serve the airport.

The jet is expected to arrive in Washington around 11 a.m. and park at DCA for most of the week.