(Kevin Clark/The Washington Post)

Dupont Circle High Heel Race how-to: The 25th annual event is tonight, which means thousands will flood the streets for the 9 p.m. race.

Dog walker not guilty in unscooped poop trial. The verdict is in: A Fairfax County woman has been found not guilty of violating the pooper scooper law.

Light show. Local sky watchers may have witnessed a spectacular sight Monday night, when a phenomenon normally reserved for the world’s northernmost corners was visible in the Washington area. Here’s a collection of photos from across the country.

D.C. homeless embrace “Occupy” protesters. Some resent the newcomers’ claim on the park, but many say they are doing what city leaders haven’t.

Bear sighting or DWI? A stretch of Canal Road in Northwest Washington was closed Tuesday morning as police fished a car out of the canal. The driver blamed it on a bear sighting, but authorities think otherwise.

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