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Charles Williams, #7, is one of only a few African-Americans at Fuqua School, a former segregation academy in Virginia that is now recruiting black students. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

Recapturing a small slice of suburbia. With new plans to redevelop Laurel Mall, a community remembers the days when it was the place where teenagers hung out until closing; children played with puppies at the pet store; and moms bought prom dresses for their daughters.

Food for thought in Anacostia. With the help of local Crossfit coaches, a group of high school students learn that exercise isn’t just about getting skinny and that blue soda and chips are not food groups.

The tattoo erasers. New businesses and schools catering to those who are rethinking their ink show that forever doesn’t really have to be forever.

Looking to get away this Christmas? Dr. Gridlock answers your questions about holiday travel planning and other traffic and transportation issues today at noon.

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