When ‘[Expletive] DC Says’ first inundated my inbox, I knew what to expect.

The type of people who have been making videos in this series have all been from the same demographic swath in general, so I was pretty certain what was coming from the group Social Studies D.C.

(Watch the video here.)

The video, to be clear, is hilarious. However, it is wildly misnamed. If it were titled ‘[Expletive] D.C. Yuppies Say’ or ‘[Expletive] D.C. Transplants Say’ or even ‘[Expletive] D.C. People Under 35 Who Live in NW Say,’ that not only would be more accurate, it’d be funnier. (And no, the backlash is not ‘even more D.C,’ smartsters.)

Many people do believe that their world of D.C. is all the city is, but this video unfortunately only reinforces some of the ridiculous stereotypes (and truths) that apply to a small slice of the community, typically identified by those willing to take to the Internet and document themselves.

Stunningly, there is no mention of kickball, the Nationals or MegaBus. And thankfully, places like Ben’s Chili Bowl and 9:30 Club were spared from the embarrassment. Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that Social Studies D.C. have at the very least, brought the discussion of what is and is not ‘D.C.’ back to the limelight for a day.

(Watch the video here.)