“Is this Jose Andres’s restaurant?” (Social Studies D.C./Youtube.com)

The “[Expletive] People Say” meme is like a cockroach. Every time someone — like our friends over at The Style Blog — declares the meme dead, three more videos spring up in its place. Thus, we present to you what is certainly not the last of this tiresome meme, but definitely one of its funniest post-mortem iterations: “[Expletive] D.C. Says.”

Is it a wildly misnamed meme?

(Watch the video here.)

The Social Studies D.C. crew produced this video, which features one man playing many of the creatures found in Washington culture: The frustrated sports fan; the nonprofit worker discussing careers and brunch; and the office worker obsessed with food trucks.

As we’ve found through watching most iterations of this trend — except the one featuring Wookies or the Dowager Countess from “Downton Abbey” — it takes a pretty narrow view of the Washingtonians in question. We’re not sure whether to laugh, cry or cringe as we continue to fall down this meme’s rabbit hole.

Case-in-point: “It’s only, like, $1,400 for the converted sunroom.”

(Watch the video here.)