D.C. rookies, take note: Washington Post Express local editor Clinton Yates breaks down the latest in a long string of meme videos:

Two D.C. comedians affiliated with Riot Act Comedy theater have unleashed a new “[Expletive] People Say ...” video on the world. (Evy Mages/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

When comedians Eddie Bryant and Lamont King released their video in conjunction with Riot Act Comedy Theater at 8th and E Streets NW in Penn Quarter, it was an immediate hit among D.C. area natives.

Listen to it here. (Warning: Contains explicit language. NSFW)

The two play out the meme in typical fashion, but where this video excels is specifically in context and tone. The clip is literally packed with slang terms old and new that only those who’ve spent a considerable amount of time here would ever even understand, nevermind use.

Alas, the video does play on certain stereotypes that could understandably make some uncomfortable. Clearly, not all black men from D.C. are unfamiliar with art galleries, Capital Bikeshare or the notion that white people now populate the U Street corridor quite heavily. But the point is not lost. All of these obvious identifiers of a change in culture in the city are still worth commenting on at every turn for many.

The true genius of this video though, is the dialogue between the two comedians. Everyone knows that guy who claims he reps Southeast but grew up in Fairfax. And the guy who it takes nine handshakes, three side plans and two number exchanges to finally walk away from after a conversation? He is everywhere. As for catching cabs, they’re 100 percent on point.

When I suggested that the “[Expletive D.C. Says]” was a wildly misnamed meme, Bryant and King’s video is the reason why. What you see here is comically ridiculous, yet uncannily accurate view of the D.C. that most of us who grew up here know and love.

Or as Bryant would say, “that’s the joint I was telling you about.”