Floppy. (Fairfax County Animal Shelter)

According to Fairfax County Police, floodwaters overtook a house in Fairfax County, filling the cages of 15 rabbits with water.

The rabbits ended up at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter after their owner was no longer able to care for them.

Brownie. (Fairfax County Animal Shelter)

To help find new homes for the refu­gee rabbits, the shelter is hosting a special adoption event starting this Friday.

People who choose to adopt will receive a cage, water bottle and a free spay or neuter for the animal, an estimated value of up to $250, according to the shelter.

“Most people know that our shelter has cats and dogs available for adoption, but many don’t know that we also have small mammals available, too,” Dr. Karen Diviney, the shelter director, said. “We want to find homes for these animals and let people know they can make wonderful pets.”

They may be “wonderful pets,” but that doesn’t mean everyone has what it takes to care for them. The shelter advises that potential adopters take the following advice into consideration:

— Rabbits are social creatures and require love, attention and play.

— Rabbits frighten easily and should be provided a safe place to live with a hiding place in their living space.

— Rabbits need plenty of food (pellets), fresh water and regular exercise.

— Rabbits love to chew and therefore should be watched closely if allowed to roam freely in the home.

The adoption event will take place Oct. 7 to 14 at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.