Good morning. Are you full of energy, enthusiasm and vigor this morning after the long weekend? Well, stay hydrated; that should help.

Bidding wars for good students are lowering the price of college for some. Our crack education writers tell us it’s becoming a common scenario post-recession: Affluent applicants, shocked by college sticker prices and leery of debt, are choosing a school not because it is the first choice but because it is the best deal.

Lives saved: Firefighters rescued more than a dozen residents from the upper floors of a Northwest D.C. apartment building that was on fire last night. No serious injuries.

Unfortunately, some choose violence to commemorate the weekend. Three killed and two injured in separate incidents in Prince George's County and the District last night. Meanwhile, in southwest Virginia, a prison sits empty.

Who would have thought that a bunch of fifth and sixth-graders (smart kids, but still) would have invented a new helmet to reduce head injuries among soldiers in combat? KidsPost broke the story.

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