Father’s Day 2010: Damien Mackel spent the day in Annapolis with his two sons. (MARVIN JOSEPH/WASHINGTON POST)

We’ve got the details on a new study that shows most fathers are working harder than ever; arguments about why gay parenting is parenting and why dads need to pass on the tradition of roughhousing; a photo gallery featuring celebrity fathers; and even a collection of the weird, sweet, funny, touching (mostly weird) quotes straight from your, and our, dads’ mouths.

Check out the links below, and stick with PostLocal through the weekend as we roll out even more dad-related content, including a roundup of Father’s Day recipes (that saying about the quickest way to a man’s heart is a cliche for a reason) and a lesson for fathers on writing letters to their kids (because, honestly, why should we kids always have to write the cards on Father’s Day?).

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On Parenting: Gay parenting as, well, parenting

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Study: Fathers are either all in — or not engaged at all

Photos: Superstar dads and their celebrity kids

Father’s day by the numbers:

Mouse over a number to get fun facts about American dads from the Census.

Graphic: Will Van Wazer