Allie Marsinko, 5, of Connellsville, Pa., cools off by running through a sprinkler on the Mall. (By Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press)

The question is, how do we deal/avoid/overcome the weather?

Strategy 1: Feed a fever. The Soul Factory Theatre Church in Forestville will be giving away more than 2,000 popsicles between 4 and 6:30 p.m. at the Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road Metro station. Praise the Lord and pass the popsicles!

Strategy 2: Dunk your head. The city has opened its public pools early — after 4 p.m., go ahead with the full-body immersion.

Strategy 3: Hide! The Farmer’s Market at Wilson Boulevard and N. Oak Street has been canceled due to excessive heat. The Lunchtime Concert in Rosslyn was likewise canned.

Strategy 4: Do as Sgt. Mick Belcker of Hill Street Blues did, telling his mother, who didn’t have A/C (this may not be an exact quote): “Get in the bathtub. Turn on the cool water. Stay there.”

Strategy 5: Get outta the house. Here is a list of resource links to other cooling centers.

How are you beating the heat? Tell us on Twitter by using #DCHeat or in the comments below. And send us your photos so we can share the pain.