Cool and wet. Break out the umbrella, which, when you think about it, is probably better than having to break out the snow shovel. The Capital Weather Gang says we're in for rain. There's a 40-50 percent chance of showers by mid-morning in the western suburbs and a 40-50 percent chance of showers moving into D.C. by late-morning. Temperatures will be in the mid-40's to 50. Looks like it'll be a good soaking -- much more than what we had over the weekend. A flood watch has been issued for the area beginning this evening.

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Henderson no longer "interim?" D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is expected to name interim D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson as his permanent pick to lead D.C. Public Schools as early as today. Gray (D) has, by most accounts, never seriously considered anyone else to replace former chancellor Michelle Rhee. Even though he recently appointed a chancellor selection advisory panel, as required by D.C. law, the panel met only once and the only name it considered was Henderson's. Here's a Post editorial about Gray's decision.

Trade-offs? Metro officials could speed efforts to make track repairs by eliminating rail service from midnight to 3 a.m. on weekends, according to a transit authority staff report. The move could mean fewer system delays. But at least two members of the board of directors said they would kill such a proposal. A Metro board committee will review the report at its meeting on Thursday.

Two-wheeled travel. The three-day National Bike Summit continues today in downtown Washington. After a second day of meetings and seminars at the Grand Hyatt hotel members head to lobby Capitol Hill on Thursday.

Today's headlines:

Same-sex marriage in D.C. Since same-sex marriage was legalized in D.C. last March, the number of marriage licenses issued has more than doubled. And while officials don't differentiate between those licenses issued to heterosexual and gay couples, one court official said the increase is due D.C.'s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. We check in with one couple -- Darlene Garner and Lorilyn "Candy" Holmes of Laurel -- as they approach their first anniversary.

Debate continues in Maryland. Still, same-sex marriage remains a divisive issue in some communities, as the Maryland state legislature debates whether to legalize gay marriage. We'll be live blogging the debate, which is expected to begin this morning around 10 a.m. in the Maryland House of Delegates. A group of black pastors from churches in Prince George's County were among religious leaders who are continuing to lobby against same-sex marriage. They were in Annapolis on Monday. Here's video from the rally.

D.C. Police officers arrested. Three D.C. police officers were arrested on Tuesday after they allegedly agreed to purchase stolen property. The arrests, part of a sting operation by the department's internal affairs division, come just a few days after another officer was arrested after she allegedly accepted money she thought had been stolen in a burglary. All four officers worked at the Fourth District station in the Brightwood section of Northwest D.C.

In short. A man was stabbed Tuesday night following a fight near the Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro station (Post); amid questions about lavish spending on business trips, UDC may ask university president Allen Sessoms to repay some of his airfare costs (Post); 100 people were sickened at a weekend swim meet at the U.S. Naval Academy (The Baltimore Sun)

Other items:

Who knew? A survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation has found that St. Patrick's Day spending could top $4 billion for retailers. Now that's a lot of green, eh?

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Have a great day (and try to stay dry). Be sure to check back for more headlines and updates throughout the day. Will this be the week that Maryland legalizes same-sex marriage? How is D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray weathering this most recent political storm? We'll have those headlines and more.