(Rick Bowmer/AP)

Rising crude oil prices have translated into an average of 50 cents tacked onto every gallon pumped in the Washington area. Here’s what February will look like for cash-strapped drivers, according to The Post’s Stefanie Dazio and Ashley Halsey III:

“The average Virginia household will use 122.4 gallons of gasoline this month, spending $428.40, or about 8.7 percent of monthly income. The average Maryland household will use 96.1 gallons of gasoline during the month, spending $344.99, about 6 percent of monthly income. In the District, the average household will use 28.7 gallons of gasoline, spending $107.59, about 1.7 percent of income.”

And though fewer drivers are on the road now than before the recession, it seems that high gas prices are again the new normal, and this new normal is politically polarizing.

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